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Fly Nails Hydro Cuticle Oil

Sale price£6.99

Introducing our Mini Marvels Cuticle Oil in scrumptious Strawberry and Cherry flavours! 
Say goodbye to dry, unruly cuticles and hello to nails that look and feel as sweet as candy. Packed in a cute 5ml bottle, these little dynamos are your secret weapon for nail nirvana!
Our magic potion? A blend of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B, all working together to give your cuticles the TLC they deserve. Jojoba Oil, like a comforting hug for your nails, helps moisturize and soften those stubborn cuticles. Vitamin E and Vitamin B? They're the dynamic duo that promotes healthy, strong nails that are as fabulous as you are!
But wait, there's more – the delightful Strawberry and Cherry flavors will make your nail care routine feel like a tasty treat. Simply dab a drop or two onto your cuticles, and let the fruity goodness transport you to a world of nail pampering.
These Mini Marvels are perfect for on-the-go nail TLC, just Slip them into your purse, pocket.

Get ready for cuticle kisses that are good enough to eat!

Fly Nails Hydro Cuticle Oil
Fly Nails Hydro Cuticle Oil Sale price£6.99